Seller Policy


Last updated January 01, 2021

The following rules and guidelines are set forth in this document to ensure order is observed on the platform.

To ensure fairness:

  • A seller will not be allowed to create multiple stores on the platform showcasing the same products as their original store.
  • A seller should not willfully copy store descriptions, store banners, products, and product contents that might cause confusion to customers in identifying the seller. 
  • A seller is expected to conduct themselves in a fair and professional manner on the platform or when representing as a Lahat Dito PH seller.
  • A seller is expected to be actively involved in the platform to ensure a good customer experience for our valued customers.
  • A seller may be asked for more information or documents during the store verification process.
  • A seller may face a temporary or permanent ban on the platform for any fraudulent behavior.
  • A seller who has been banned permanently from the platform will not be allowed to create or register a new account on the platform.

Product Listing Limitation and Rules:

  • A newly registered seller will be limited to adding five-hundred (500) products during their first 90 Days on the platform.
  • A verified seller that has been on the platform for more than 90 days would be allowed to add up to five-thousand (5000) products.
  • A seller should avoid listing duplicate or similar products, the platform administrator may reach out to the seller for the notice of removal and subsequent violation may cause temporary to permanent banning on the platform.

Inactive Seller Policy:

A seller who did not manage their account activity for the last 30 Days is deemed as inactive sellers, which could cause potential loss of sales and bad customer service could face temporary to permanent banning on the platform.

Customer Data:

A seller is expected to comply, protect and respect the customer data collected during the transaction such as names, contact details, addresses, etc.,

Digital Goods Selling Guideline:

The platform will support the selling of digital goods or services that may not be tangible, this may include varied services, promo codes, software licenses, etc., The aim of this guideline is to cover what will be allowed and what should not be allowed on the platform.

  • A seller is not allowed to sell or distribute products that are against any existing policies on the platform including Intellectual Property Rights and Prohibited & Controlled Goods.
  • A seller is not allowed to sell serial codes to software, sell and distribute subscriptions, or any account sharing for subscription-based websites and platforms unless authorized by providers.
  • A seller is not allowed to sell and distribute ebooks, movie download links without the license of the publisher.
  • A seller is not allowed to sell any pornographic content on the platform which includes but not limited to videos, posters, subscriptions to pornographic websites, and adult media streaming services.
  • A seller is not allowed to sell and distribute digital goods related to donations and fundraising activities unless they are present on the platform as a valid and verified Non- Profit Organizations.
  • A seller must ensure that any digital goods are still active and information regarding the products such as applications, rules, and expiration dates should be indicated on the product description.
  • A seller must ensure that purchased and paid digital goods will be sent via SMS or Email within 24 hours upon payment confirmation. Unfulfilled paid orders that have passed by the 24-hour limit will be canceled and should be refunded to the customer.

If you have questions or comments about this notice, you may email us at [email protected] or by post to:

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