Gauselion E3X-NA11 Optical Fiber Amplifier Sensor Photoelectric Switch Optic NPN PNP Adjustable for

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1. Product Parameters - Name: Optical Fiber Amplifier - Brand: Gauselion - Amplifier Models: E3X-NA11 (NPN Type) - Rough Detection Distance: 100 mm for diffuse reflection type, 200 mm for through-beam type - Wave length of emitted red light: 650nm - Method of sensitivity adjustment: Knob - Working Voltage: 12 ~ 24 VDC - Max. Output Current: 200mA - Length of cable: 2 meters 2. Explanations of Product Details Following the sequential numbers on the picture below. (1) Lock for optical fiber (2) Indicator (5 lights: Gree nGreen Yellow Green Green) of the amount of received-light. (3) Sensitivity Meter which depends on the adjustment knob (6). (4) Output Delay 40mS (micro Second). If ON, 40mS output delay is activated. If OFF, no delay. Note: 40mS is too short to be felt by human. (5) Output Indicator Light (Orange) If object is detected, light is on and there is output from black wire. (6) Sensitivity Adjustment Knob Clockwise -> To increase sensitivity (detection distance) Anti-clockwise -> To decrease sensitivity (detection distance). After the distance between the optical fiber sensor and detected object is fixed, please slowly turn the knob until more than 4 signal lights are on. (7) Switch between NO and NC. L=Light ON D=Dark ON. 3. Dimensions of Amplifier Unit: mm Note: Dimensions measured by hands have small variations. 4. NPN and PNP Diagram and Wiring Following the sequential numbers on the diagram. (1) Load (Device to be controlled) (2) Brown cable, connects to positive polarity of power source. (3) Black cable, is output and connects to Load (1). (4) Blue cable, connects to negative polarity of power source. (5) Main circuit of photoelectric switch. (6) Working indicator light (orange) 5. Applicable Fields and Objects to be Detected The amplifier with optical fiber sensor are widely used in various fields including but not limited to: (1) Safety and Security Equipment (2) Machinery (3) CNC machining equipment (4) Safety and Security Inspection (5) Factory Automation (6) Electro-Mechanical Machinery The outstanding feature is that it can detect transparent objects (e.g. glass cup, glass bottle, transparent plastic box) which traditional photoelectric switches cannot. 6. Optical Fiber Installation Instructions Following the sequential numbers on the picture below. (1) Lift the protection cover and release the lock; (2) Thoroughly insert the optical fiber into the hole (around 11mm deep). If not thoroughly, the detection distance may be too short; (3) Pull back the lock; (4) Put back the protection cover.

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